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tattoo tales: chapter 2

June 6, 2017

I got my first tattoo in Mexico while I was on tour with my dance company. There was a monsoon that rained us out of our outdoor shows, so I got a wild hair and decided to get a tat that I had been contemplating. I found a shop near my hotel and, upon hearing the price (the equivalent of $50), I was sold. As an aside, if you know me well, you know I am very, very frugal!


The triangle and tree tattoo on my right forearm is meaningful and symbolic of so much that was happening in my life at the time. The triangle, with one main point aiming directly to my wrist, is the pagan triangle with slightly feathered holes. The pagan triangle is a spiritual reference to a source of power and has a direct relation to the God Odin. Growing from the triangle, as if it were a planter, is a tree with twisting branches reaching to my elbow crease. The tree is the tree of life, as depicted in current forms through yoga culture, and the twisting branches are split to resemble DNA strands. 


The complex form of the tattoo was my way of showing the physical form growing from the grounded, direct strength of the spiritual form. DNA strands constructing the tree of life growing in a planter of a, not always so complete but always continuous, spiritual form that reaches from two of the most pivotal centers of life in the body (the joining of blood in the wrists and elbow crease!). 


There is one last trick within the tattoo and that is the dark notch in the middle of the tree. The opening is on oval, and the shape represents Yoni — the presence of the female genitals and sexual energy. I have the greatest respect for the feminine in all of us and believe that the mother universe, the ultimate caretaker, is from where my strength is derived. 



Though not “perfect,” this tattoo is my first and will always remain one of my favorites. I look to it for strength and power when days aren’t so good. It is the knowledge that through strengthening of self and soul, our roots can continue to sprout to reach the sky!


Hope you enjoyed this little diddy about my first tat! Over the next few weeks, I will share all of the stories.


Please email me if you have any questions or want me to write on any specific subjects!!:D 


Love and Light. 

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