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reading is fundamental

March 23, 2017

This simple statement came from "Paris Is Burning," a movie that made up a large part of my childhood (thankfully). If you want to see where 90% of current language trends in the gay and straight worlds come from, I implore you to gonrent or buy it immediately!


While the statement may be simple, it is divinely truthful. Reading is the singular form of communication that transcends time and space (prior to technology) and that can be examined over a period of time. The power to read is the power to interpret and, therefore, the power to begin understanding. We can see the power that is understood throughout history when we recognize that human oppressors of the past (and current) have used the suppression of the knowledge of reading to keep the oppressed at bay. Knowledge is, indeed, power. 


Many of us, the fortunate, are taught to read at a young age and take that power for granted. We use the skill to inquire into the latest trends on social media and catch up with friends via texts or other simply transmitted messages. To put it gently, we abuse our greatest strength and neglect its power daily. 


For the entire year of 2017, I have decided to set a reading goal for myself to read a certain number of books (yes, real books!) in order to strengthen my greatest power and to explore new minds through their writings. It is my hope that by creating this monthly habit, I can continue growing, learning, and understanding as a human while from the comforts of my own space.


My strategy is simple. Every day I set aside a minimum of 10 minutes to read. I set aside the time for the betterment of myself. Join me! If you do, I promise that by the end of the year, you will have grown. If you haven't, please let me know and I'll find a way to reimburse you for your wasted time. 


Now let us go forth and read!! And if you need some suggestions, I will be posting new book reviews and reading lists in the days ahead!! 



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