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healthy eating 101

April 4, 2017

In this blog, I am going to be giving you all my secrets to body success. 

The magic of success in the gym is quite confusing because results do not directly come from exercise itself.


Let’s begin this journey of health and wellness knowledge by understanding that movement functionality, 20% of gains and losses, cardiac improvements, muscle growth for added metabolic benefits, and more comes from going to the gym. So it is extremely beneficial to make your five-day-a-week homage to the holy land of weight racks and booty shorts. However, if it is the aesthetic, beach-ready body you are aiming for, then look down at your dinner plate. 


That’s right, 80% of what you see in the mirror occurs as a direct result of what you put into your body. Yes, the fuel really does matter. Too much, good or bad, and your body will plump up, Too little, and your body will stop vital function. Just enough (of a variety of healthy stuff and good-tasting stuff), and you will be one step closer to getting laid more often. (PLEASE DO NOT READ INTO THIS THAT YOU HAVE TO BE “FIT” TO STANDARDS TO GET LAID. IT IS JUST AN EXPRESSION! YOU TRULY ARE BEAUTIFUL HOWEVER YOU ARE, AND I AM JUST GIVING HEALTH ADVICE.) 


Back to it. Let’s first just think about what we consider “healthy.” When clients first talk to me about their healthy eating patterns, they always seem to reference diets they are, or have been, on. Stop that shit right now! Dieting does not work. Changing your lifestyle completely by limiting all of the treats you could ever crave and only eating things you grow to mentally despise (because they take away from all of the yummy treats) doesn't work! Maybe you consider yourself a very strong-willed person. Even so, I guarantee that within a few weeks, you will get super depressed, fall off the band wagon, get more depressed, give up, and then six months later try again only to have the cycle repeat itself until the end of time with no changes having been made. If you are hoping for any health and wellness changes, the key is substitution and gentle transition — NOT an overnight lifestyle change. 


Below is a list of guidelines for a successful, non-destructive, kitchen shake up:


Super Anal Way

  • Identify a week's worth of eating patterns through simple journaling of content and amount.

  • Calculate input of calories per day and calculate target caloric input.

  • Examine a reason for desiring change.

  • Make a meal plan based on your weekly journal, removing 2/3 of the “junk” and replacing it with greens, nuts, or other “healthy” options.

  • Re-journal this new eating week with energy levels and balance to avoid highs and lows.

  • Balance caloric input as the next week continues until you have removed down to your goal.

  • Give yourself a treat. You fucking deserve it. 


Non Anal Way

  • Identify your weekly “naughty” treats.

  • Cut input of said treats in half in a given week.

Both of these options are gentle ways to begin the process. You are on your way to health and wellness, not building a rocket ship. Love yourself and love your body you sexy fucks. 

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