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general porpoise doughnuts

March 28, 2017

National Doughnut Day is a real thing. A magical, very real thing. The only problem is that I truly believe it should be every damn day of the year!  


I had the pleasure of venturing out with Evan to visit an incredible little doughnut shop in Cap Hill, Seattle, called General Porpoise. The shop is quaint with pastel colored counters, fluffy, cream-filled treats displayed through a large glass counter top, and a very welcoming staff. It smelled of freshly brewed coffee (Evan was definitely happy about that).


I asked the server to bring us two of the house specialities without telling me what we were getting (you’ll all quickly learn that this is my choice way of ordering food). We were served the Huckleberry Cream doughnut and the Vanilla Custard doughnut. Both were fluffy dough balls, quite airy, and gently coated in sugar with filling spilling from the sides. They looked so good I barely wanted to eat them; however, my stomach always wins.


I began with the huckleberry option (I used to be known as the blueberry boy so any purple/blue berry is my first go-to). It was incredible! The dough was soft and not too sweet, the cream filling was smooth, and the huckleberry provided a sharp bite against the cream. The Vanilla Custard option followed quickly after (I swear Evan did get some of these too!), and it was equally as delicious. The vanilla was extremely fresh and although vanilla isn't my favorite flavor, it was very gentle on the taste buds. The recipe is consistent throughout all of the dough options which provides a great vessel for all the yummy fillings.


Overall, the shop is quite incredible in terms of service, atmosphere, and menu offerings. I'm sure I will be venturing there often. 


Visit Porpoise Doughnuts online at and on IG and Twitter at gpdoughnuts.


As an aside, I'm pretty sure the reason I obsessively workout is because 80% of physical change happens in the kitchen and in the diet, so I have to double up on the 20% of gym time in order to make up for it. It's all a balance my lovies. Now go out and eat a doughnut! 

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