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benefits of bulletproof coffee

March 16, 2017

I love healthy shit! 


I also love keeping an eye on trends in the fields of health and wellness, and this is currently one of the biggest trends at the moment. If you have been living in a non-health centered world and are clueless as to the insanity I am talking about, Bulletproof Coffee is regular brewed coffee blended with grass-fed, unsalted butter and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. 


Inspired by Yak Butter Tea in Tibet, Bulletproof Coffee combines most of the world's pick-me-up of choice with MCT oil extracted from coconut oil (to support brain function as well as speed up metabolic function) and grass-fed butter (to provide quality fats without the negatively-absorbing, denatured casein protein found in typical cream). There is tons of scientific information behind both MCT oil and grass-fed butter that I suggest you look up online and discover for yourself. 


Even though I am skeptical of trends, I am always game to give something one or two goes to see how it reacts with my body. After getting over the taste the first day (not enough butter), I soon became hooked as well as convinced. After day five, I felt on a continually high performance level mentally and physically (the only variable I changed in my life was the coffee) and there were no crashes. Most people use this coffee to support weight loss and, therefore, are replacing their breakfast option with it. I am sure that is beneficial in itself; however, I paired it with my regular morning eggs (30 minutes after I drank the coffee), and it balanced me out quite well. 


Whether you are trying to add some extra pep to your morning step or trying to shed some extra pounds before spring and summer are upon us, I definitely suggest giving this a go! 


If you want the “real” stuff, go over to and pick up the branded goodies. If you like a bargain, mix and match and make your own concoction after doing some homework online!


As always, let me know your results!!! Enjoy. 

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