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April 11, 2017

In this episode of “what skills did I suck at and now I am pretty decent at,” I will be introducing you to my favorite online educational video library called PHLEARN. PHLEARN is a site created by photographer and retoucher Aaron Nace with the intention of giving us mere muggles the power and skills to use Photoshop and Lightroom with ease.


When I first took up photography, I pretty much denounced Photoshop and relied completely on out-of-camera images with basic retouching due to the fact that I was clueless as to what to do in the land of Adobe Photoshop. For the untrained, the Photoshop interface is terrifying. There are damn near 3000 buttons, layers, filters, and editing styles and probably 20 different ways to do any one task. I am typically self-taught; however, Photoshop is not a platform I recommend anyone teach themselves. 


I purchased the retouching 101-301 package from PHLEARN with doubts. Though I love Aaron’s regular free tutorials and think he's a remarkable teacher, I doubted whether or not he would be able to put together a simple enough platform for teaching me the advanced photo editing techniques I wanted to apply to my images. 


All of my doubts were cast aside, however, when I finished the 1-10 video series of level 101 and had learned way more than I ever expected. Aaron guides the viewer from the most simple tools all the way to advanced techniques and does it in such a way that isn't confusing in the least. Most of the activities build upon the last; and in the last two episodes of all sections, there are full examples that allow you to use every technique introduced! 


If you are, or have ever been, interested in photo editing, I truly do recommend checking these out; and if you like my latest and upcoming works, throw Aaron a big thank you on Twitter (@phlearn) because it is in part because of his badass teaching!!


Go check out all the tutorials 

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