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1% living

April 6, 2017

Be better. 


Imagine that today you are standing atop the crest of a hill. You can look out over far reaches of land and see all of the beauty below you. You can breathe the incredibly crisp air, smell the freshness of the evergreens, feel a light sprinkling of dew left over from the night. You are content, unmoving, safe. 


Now imagine that you turn around and there is another hill behind you that stretches higher and then one behind that that continues upward. A stair-stepping range of hills that eventually climbs to the height of what we would consider a mountain. Upon gazing at the next step, would you decide to climb further or would you stay on the current hill and continue to exist? 


Let us add a theoretical into this situation and say that you can climb this next hill and the one after with no resistance and you will not feel physical strain from the journey. Would you do it  then? 


Now say I told you that upon climbing the next hill, your field of vision would be 100% better than the current view, the air would be 100% crisper, the freshness would be 100% more lovely. Would you climb then? 


In our lives, this journey exists on a daily basis. In everything we do, there is opportunity to climb. Whether to self mastery, skill based mastery, or interpersonal mastery, all things in our lives give way to growth and that growth is exponential and has no end. 


Daunting at first, many people see their situations as comfortable and the challenge to climb the next hill to be too difficult; however, the theoretical condition I added to the example is not truly theoretical when the condition of time is added to the equation.


If you were to try and climb the next hill in the matter of a few hours or one day or one week, it may be incredible strenuous. The air is thin, and you may have a hard time breathing. The sides are steep, and every step takes an incredible amount of energy. The weather quickly changes, and your daily preparation may not last through all climate changes.


Now imagine taking this journey and spreading it out over 100 days. Every day is a small, incremental step towards the crest. Some days you may stand still, some days you may take two steps, and even some may lead you backwards; but in 100 days, you would have made it to the top with very little strain. 


Within your daily routine, find your “why” in pursuing passion, in getting better, in growing. Develop your journey, see your path, and then begin walking, daily, at a gentle pace. You will not tire or strain, you will not overexert, and, true, you will not change overnight; but in 100 days, you will find yourself 100% “better.”


Make 1% change every single day in whatever you try to do and in a year, you will be 365% better than you are right at this moment. The journey begins now!

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